Aircraft Spares

Airlinkers is an authorised supplier of all major aircraft manufacturers across the globe.

All your queries related to spare parts will be answered in 24 Hrs.

We ship spares directly to the customer within 2 business days upon receipt of your order, subject to availability. All international orders will be shipped via DHL, FedEx or AA Cargo. Depending upon the volume we select our courier and cargo company. Certificate for the purchased spares will be sent to the customer along with invoice.

Apart from this, in case of any A.O.G. for our clients, once the " QUOTE " is approved, we can process and ship the consignment immediately upon receipt of your order. We adopt " EXCHANGE " basis model, which helps our customers to plan their maintenance schedule well in advance.

To know more about us, contact the address given or mail to sales@airlinkers.org.

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